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The End Mark

the-end and it's Usage

-- the-end can be used as part of blog posts, books, section OR chapter end etc.

the-end and it's Usage

Package Name
To use the-end on your web package, add below into FASTN.ftd file:
-- fastn.dependency:
-- bling/the-end as the-end
Once you add above lines into your web package, add the-end into your .ftd files:

List of end-marks we designed for you:

1: -- marker

Example code for -- marker
-- the-end.marker:
Output of above:

2: -- pen

Example code for -- pen
-- the-end.pen:
Output of above:

3: -- ballet

Example code for -- ballet
-- the-end.ballet:
Output of above:

4: -- brush

Example code for -- brush
-- the-end.brush:
Output of above:
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